ReminderCal: The Missing Link Between Reminders and Calendar app on iPhone


Have you ever wished you could seamlessly view your Apple Reminders within the Apple Calendar app? Look no further than ReminderCal, the innovative app that bridges the gap between these two essential productivity tools. In this blog post, we’ll explore how ReminderCal can revolutionize the way you manage your tasks and appointments on your iPhone and guide you through setting up iOS Shortcut Automations to make the most of this powerful app.

What is ReminderCal?

ReminderCal is an app that allows you to sync your Apple Reminders to your Apple Calendar, providing a unified view of your tasks and events. With ReminderCal, you can continue using the Reminders and Calendar apps you’re familiar with while enjoying the added benefit of viewing your reminders directly in the Apple Calendar app. As well as being loved by thousands of users, it has been featured by Apple on the App Store and recommended by publications including 9to5Mac, MacStories, MacRumors and Appleosophy.

What are the key features of ReminderCal?

One of the standout features of ReminderCal is its ability to sync reminders to your calendar automatically. On macOS, the app runs a background daemon that ensures your reminders are always up to date in your calendar. Alternatively, for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro users, ReminderCal supports Shortcut Automations, allowing you to customize your syncing schedule based on your preferences. Whether you want to sync every time you exit the Reminders app or when you charge your device, ReminderCal puts you in control.

ReminderCal offers advanced options for customization, giving you the flexibility to decide which reminders appear in your calendar. By adding $nocal or $nocalendar to the title or notes of a reminder, you can hide it from your calendar view. This feature is particularly useful for reminders that you don’t need to see in your calendar. If you prefer an allowlist approach, ReminderCal allows you to invert this functionality, ensuring that only specific reminders are synced to your calendar.

Additionally, you can customise the duration that reminders appear in the Apple Calendar app by adding e.g. $duration=30m to the title or notes of a reminder. You can also choose to exclude repeating reminders inside the ReminderCal app.

ReminderCal prioritizes your privacy by performing all syncing offline, on your device. No cloud servers are involved, and your data never leaves your device, ensuring that your information remains secure. You can verify this by running the app in Airplane Mode and observing that it functions flawlessly.

To setup the missing link between Apple Reminders and Calendar on iPhone and iPad, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Download ReminderCal from the App Store
  2. Open the Apple Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Select the “Automation” tab at the bottom
  4. Click the plus in the top-right hand corner
  5. Select a trigger of your choice e.g. “App” or “Time of Day”
  6. Configure that trigger e.g. select the time of day to run, or app to run when closed (Reminders)
  7. Select “Run Immediately” instead of “Run After Confirmation”
  8. Make sure “Notify When Run” is unselected
  9. Select the shortcut named “Sync Reminders to Calendar” (you may have to search)

Pro Tip: If the “Sync Reminders to Calendar” action doesn’t appear initially, try rebooting your device.

Based on feedback from thousands of satisfied ReminderCal users, the two most popular automation triggers are:

  • Running the sync when you close the Reminders app
  • Setting up a time-based trigger to sync at specific times throughout the day

If you’d prefer not to use Shortcut Automations, download the macOS version of ReminderCal from the Mac App Store, which features automatic syncing in the background - no setup needed.


ReminderCal is the ultimate solution for bridging the gap between Apple Reminders and the Calendar app on your iPhone and iPad. With its seamless syncing capabilities, privacy-focused approach, cross-device compatibility, and customization options, ReminderCal is a must-have app for anyone looking to streamline their productivity and stay organized.

Trusted by thousands of users and recommended by leading tech publications, ReminderCal is the missing link you’ve been searching for and is available to download from the App Store today.