What's New in ReminderCal 2? Introducing Interactive Widgets and More!

The popular app ReminderCal, which seamlessly syncs your Apple Reminders to your Apple Calendar, has just released its second version with a host of exciting new features. ReminderCal 2 brings even more convenience and customization options to help you stay organized and on top of your tasks.

One of the standout features in ReminderCal 2 is the introduction of Interactive Widgets for iOS 17 and later. Now, you can sync your reminders directly from your home screen with just a tap, making it easier than ever to keep your calendar up to date. This feature is perfect for those who prefer quick access to syncing without opening the app.

In addition to Interactive Widgets, ReminderCal 2 now supports integration with Siri. You can perform a sync using just your voice, making the process hands-free and effortless. Simply ask Siri to sync your reminders, and ReminderCal will take care of the rest.

Customization is another area where ReminderCal 2 shines. The app now offers custom app icons, including a dark mode option, allowing you to personalize your experience and match your device’s theme. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a classic design, ReminderCal 2 has you covered.

ReminderCal 2 also brings support for the latest operating systems, including iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma. This ensures that the app remains compatible with the latest features and improvements offered by Apple.

For those new to ReminderCal, the app allows you to view your Apple Reminders directly in the Apple Calendar app. You can continue using the Reminders and Calendar apps you’re familiar with while enjoying the added benefit of seeing your reminders in your calendar view.

ReminderCal offers flexible syncing options to suit your needs. You can sync manually within the app or set up automated syncing patterns using Shortcuts. This means you can sync your reminders every time you exit the Reminders app, when you charge your device, or any other trigger that works best for you.

If you want to hide certain reminders from your calendar, ReminderCal makes it easy. Simply add $nocal or $nocalendar to the title or notes of the reminder, and it will remain hidden from your calendar view.

Privacy is a top priority for ReminderCal. All syncing is performed offline, directly on your device, ensuring that your data never leaves your device and remains secure. You can even use the app in Airplane Mode, giving you peace of mind knowing that your information is protected.

ReminderCal 2 is available on all your devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. If you use an iCloud, calDAV, or Exchange calendar, your synced reminders will automatically appear on all your devices. For those who prefer local calendar storage, ReminderCal 2 has you covered across all your Apple devices.

Upgrade to ReminderCal 2 today and experience the enhanced convenience, customization, and privacy features that make staying organized a breeze. With Interactive Widgets, Siri support, custom app icons, and compatibility with the latest operating systems, ReminderCal 2 is the ultimate tool for seamlessly syncing your reminders and calendar.

Download ReminderCal 2

As loved by publications including MacStories and Appleosophy, ReminderCal 2 is available to download from the App Store today.